NEWS - 2012

6-Jul-12 - Event Cancelled

It is with huge regret that we have had to CANCEL the race this evening. This isn't a decision which has been taken lightly and has been taken in the interest of health and safety.

It may be difficult to appreciate, but in many ways it's been more difficult for us to cancel the event than it would have been to continue. The decision was made around 1:30pm with the runners safety at the forefront of this decision. While runners run at their own risk, we have a duty of care to each and every one of you to ensure that the course is fit for purpose.  On this occasion, the course was not acceptable to run on and with the travel issues on the areas road, it was not sensible to continue.

Making the decision early this afternoon has allowed us to minimise the disruption to the runners and event staff.  Some of our services were coming from over 100 miles away to support the event.  We owed it to them to not put them under undue stress and risk.

We have done our best to contact the runners, focussing on those who were travelling to us from outside of Derby by telephone and all runners by email* this afternoon. We've used our Facebook and Twitter pages to try and reach as many of you as we can.

While we expect this isn't ideal and maybe frustrating for a lot of you, we feel we've operated in quickest and most effective way we can. If you feel you have been dealt with inappropriately or if we could have done something different, please give us feedback by email to .

Please retain your numbers, chips and race information sheet until we're able to confirm whether we are able to reschedule the event.

Please keep revisiting the website, Facebook and Twitter to ensure you're up to date with what we're able to offer.

Kind regards,

The Colin Potter 10k Committee

*we emailed those where we were given emails which were legible on the application form.



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